What is the ATPL?

The Airline transport Pilot Licence allows its holder to fly professionally as a captain or co-pilot of a jet liner or multi-crew aeroplane. The ATPL involves more advanced piloting knowledge about the jetliners, turbine engines, airport operations and airline operations. It focuses on skill and experience on a higher level than the CPL with great consideration to decision making, safety, identifying and managing threat and error as well as recognizing and coping with failures and emergencies.


  • Must hold a valid CPL aeroplane
  • A minimum of 750 hours of flight time to be eligible to write the exam
  • Must hold a valid Multi-engine rating
  • Must hold a valid Group 1 IFR rating
  • Successful completion of category 1 medical exam

Transport Canada requirements

Upon successful completion of all three exams, the pilot will enjoy the privileges of a valid Frozen ATPL until 1500 hours of total flight time are accumulated after which the ATPL will be unfrozen.

  • Rates do not include sales taxes, fuel surcharge nor the landing fees.
  • Rates are subject to change without notice.
  • The training is based on the minimum required flight time by Tranport Canada, some candidates may require additional training.

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